Why You Should Trust Us

It’s pretty simple actually: we do not (repeat, do NOT) sell our opinions. We are not owned by any big corporation, we don’t answer to any greedy Wall Street stakeholders, and we started doing this because we care. Every time we wanted to make an intelligent purchasing decision, we would consult with free websites once reputable but then purchased by big media conglomerates, or dedicated review websites that we had to purchase subscription for. We would read how authors had this degree or that degree and expert knowledge, but the simple fact was, their recommendations sucked. Excuse our language.

So out of frustration this website was born. We give our honest opinion and recommend products that we ourselves own, enjoy or would recommend to our friends and family. Nothing more, nothing less. You get honesty of your fellow consumer here. And that is a promise we never intend to break.

With love, Dan & James.